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To enhance competition, most of the companies now are looking for improved scalability, better portability and also developed accessibility; features that can only remain satisfied with custom design and development on web applications. At Sahaba IT, our full-stack web application developers make a sharp approach towards web application development and are highly versed in successful custom solutions for companies on diverse business domains, regardless of their own size. Having delivered 100+ web application projects, Sahaba has a team of professional programmer and designer with proven feel of work on different projects effectively. We build on the IT domain expertise and industry knowledge to design sustainable technology solutions.

Delivering Success with Every Solution

Team of Sahaba uses the sophisticated Quality Management System approach to confirm that your web application's performance will be secure, sustainable, and fast. To help you automate and streamline workflows, we achieve seamless integration of your web app/portal with a CMS and your software infrastructure via custom APIs. Our support ensures high availability and failsafe functionality of your web app, web portal, or another kind of a web-based solution, making for stability of workflows and complete user satisfaction.

We Can Help You With -

  • ✓ Web Application Design Consultancy
  • ✓ Custom Web Application Development
  • ✓ UI/UX Design & Wireframing
  • ✓ Web Application Testing
  • ✓ Web Application Migration
  • ✓ Application Support and Maintenance
  • ✓ Data Migration Support
  • ✓ Application Security
  • ✓ Web Server Management
  • ✓ Web Portal Management
  • ✓ Software and Hardware Integration
  • ✓ and many more...

Small Business Solution

  • → Point of Sale (POS) System
  • → Accounting and Billing System
  • → Utility Bill Collection System
  • → Diagnostic Center Management
  • → Medicine Shop Management
  • → Doctor Appointment System
  • → Team/Group Management System
  • → Restaurant/Coffee Shop Management
  • → Library Managemnt System
  • → Distribution House Management
  • → Tiles Visualizer Application
  • → E-learning/Online Education Management
  • → Online Radio Station Management
  • → Video Streaming (IP TV) Management
  • → and many more...

Integrated Solutions

  • → Enterprise Application Development
  • → E-commerce Application Development
  • → Retail Business Management (RBMS)
  • → Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • → Human Resourse Management (HRMS)
  • → Hospital/Clinic Management System
  • → Educational Institute Manament System
  • → Hotel and Restaurant Manament System
  • → Construction Business Management
  • → Property/Land Business Management
  • → Automobile Business Management
  • → Travel and Tourism Business Management
  • → Courier & Parcel Service Management
  • → Production House Management
  • → and many more...

Our pro developers are able to create any customized application for you or your business

Other Services

Website Design

We can help you implement an award winning web design & development solution, that makes your business secure and profitable.

E-commerce Solutions

We offer excellence in user experience, e-commerce website design and application development for varying sizes of businesses.

Domain & Hosting

Our web hosting is faster, secure, reliable and easy to manage. 99% customer satisfaction. Choose your web hosting plan as per your business requirement.

Digital Marketing

Your brand represents a promise to your customers. We enables businesses to connect, engage with and build relationships with your customers.

Graphics Design

We offer professional and unique graphic design works & design consultancy service to showcase your identity. We can design your dreams come alive.

Data Digitalization

Survey your target market with our professionals today. Our representative survey takers to give you the results you need at an affordable pricing.